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If you are looking for fun, hands-on learning, open-and-go, and flexibility, these lesson plans might be perfect for you. Click on the video to hear Hollie share what the Thoughtful Play Summer Curriculum is all about!

Home Gardening

In the Garden

  • Parts of a Plant

  • Flower Bouquets

  • Working in the Garden

  • Vegetables 

  • Herbs

  • Pollinators

  • Butterflies

  • Worms

  • Frogs

  • Birds

Under the Stars

  • The Moon

  • Stargazing

  • Nocturnal Animals: Bats & Owls

  • Nocturnal Animals that Run

  • Nocturnal Insects: Fireflies

  • Lanterns

  • Camping

  • Glow in the Dark

  • Shadows

  • Night Hiking

Camp Fire at Night
Image by Phil Hearing

At the Ocean

  • The 5 Oceans

  • Sand & Seashells

  • Seahorses & Starfish

  • Fish in the Ocean

  • Coral Reefs

  • Octopus, Squid, & Jellyfish

  • Whales & Dolphins

  • Tides

  • Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

  • Keeping the Oceans Clean

In the Woods

  • Hiking in the Woods

  • Trees & Leaves

  • Camping

  • Ferns & Mosses

  • Fungi

  • Insects All Around Us

  • Small Animals in the Forest

  • Big Animals in the Forest

  • Tree Houses & Homes in the Woods

  • Sounds & Beauty of the Forest

Children - identical twins girls are hik

An entire summer of engaging lessons to fit in when you have time!
4 Themes for $36
In the Garden, Under the Stars, At the Ocean, & In the Woods

Real Moms - Real Reviews

"I love that play and fun come first. The activities are super engaging for both my 5-year old and 2-year old!"

- Mom of 2 children

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"There's not a single thing that I didn't love about the summer plans! The organization of the plans and the ease of carrying them out is unlike anything else I've found!"

- Mom of a 6-year old

I definitely need this! YES! WOO HOO!