Unit 5 Bundle: Long & Short Vowel Sounds, Comparing & Measuring, Explore

Thoughtful Play Bundled Units -

20 days of lessons that include the following subjects:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Interdisciplinary Explorations (Science, Social Studies, Art/Music, Multicultural Learning, and Social/Emotional Development)


Each lesson includes the following:

  • Read aloud text recommendations
  • Guided instruction on teaching skills through play
  • Games, activities, inquiry prompts
  • Everday learning activities to incorporate learning in daily living

Unit 5 Bundle: Long & Short Vowel Sounds, Comparing & Measuring, Explore

  • ELA

    • Fun, interactive approaches to teach words with long /u/ and long /e/ sounds.
    • Engaging activities to teach sight words: is, in, if, it, of, on, off, does
    • Review of CVC words and CVCe words
    • Activities to engage your child in purposeful writing
    • Focus on informational texts 
    • Final project: Create an informational book


    • Hands-on activities to sort objects into categories, document the frequency of objects and compare
    • Introduction to comparison symbols (>, <)
    • Real-world situations to practice putting numbers in order from least to greatest and greatest to least
    • Comparing objects based on physical attributes (length, height, weight)
    • Measuring with non-standard and standard units


    • Inventors & Inventions (Inventions All Around Us, Invent a Solution: Force & Motion - 2 days, Invent Protection from Heat & Rain, Invent Ways to Harness Solar Energy)
    • Machines, Robots, & Coding (Simple Machines - 2 days, Robots - 2 days, Coding)
    • Exploring Outer Space (Outer Space, Our Solar System, Astronauts Living in Space, Astronauts Working in Space, Man-made Satellites)
    • Exploring Our Earth (Reading a Map, Using a Compass, Compass Rose, Flags from Around the World, National Anthems)