Unit 3 Bundle: Digraphs & Sight Words, Build & Break Apart Numbers, Earth

Thoughtful Play Bundled Units -

20 days of lessons that include the following subjects:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Interdisciplinary Explorations (Science, Social Studies, Art/Music, Multicultural Learning, and Social/Emotional Development)


Each lesson includes the following:

  • Read aloud text recommendations
  • Guided instruction on teaching skills through play
  • Games, activities, inquiry prompts
  • Everday learning activities to incorporate learning in daily living

Unit 3 Bundle: Digraphs & Sight Words, Build & Break Apart Numbers, Earth

  • ELA

    • Introduction to digraphs (ar, sh, ch, th)
    • Daily practice with making and blending CVC words
    • Engaging activities to learn sight words (me, we, she, he, you, my, to)
    • Daily writing practice and creation of a "How-To" book



    • Pairs & Odd and Even Numbers
    • Finding Ways to Make Each Number from 2-10
    • Number Pairs for numbers 2-10
    • Games to Practice Addition
    • Review of Subitizing, Counting-On, & Number Recognition


    (Science, Social Studies, Art/Music, Multicultural Learning, Social & Emotional Development, and Physical Movement)

    • Earth Science: rocks, volcanoes, fossils, lanforms, dirt
    • Weather & Climate: weather, wind, rain, severe weather, climate
    • Water & Rainbows: water cycle, states of water, water in action, rainbow art, making rainbows
    • Light, Night, & Shadows: the sun, the moon, day & night, stars & constellations, shadows

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