Unit 2 Bundle: Blending Words, Foundations of Addition, Harvest

Thoughtful Play Bundled Units -

20 days of lessons that include the following subjects:

  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Interdisciplinary Explorations (Science, Social Studies, Art/Music, Multicultural Learning, and Social/Emotional Development)


Each lesson includes the following:

  • Read aloud text recommendations
  • Guided instruction on teaching skills through play
  • Games, activities, inquiry prompts
  • Everday learning activities to incorporate learning in daily living

Unit 2 Bundle: Blending Words, Foundations of Addition, Harvest

  • ELA

    • Finishing Letters & Sounds with lots of activities for review
    • Strategically making words and blending through guided instruction and engaging games
    • Fun approach for beginning to write letters and words
    • Learning the writing process by creating a fictional story 



    • Addition word problems in play-based scenarios
    • Solving for the unknown
    • Games to reinforce addition concepts
    • Hearing and seeing number pairs in equations
    • Practice writing numbers


    EXPLORATION: Harvest
    (Science, Social Studies, Art/Music, Multicultural Learning, Social & Emotional Development, and Physical Movement)

    • Seasons & Time: seasons, months, days of the week, calendars
    • Appreciation of Indigenous Tribes: Lakota star patterns, Ojibwa dream catchers and protecting nature, Navajo fry bread and the pole game, Cherokee gratitude reflection and stickball, Choctaw basket weaving and folktales
    • All Things Fall: apples, leaves, pumpkins, harvest 
    • Creepy, Crawly, Spooky: snakes, spiders, mummies, monsters

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