Snow and Ice

Snow and Ice

  • This week of activities includes the following topics (hands-on activity listed):

    - Snowflakes (Snowflake creation)

    - Making Things from Snow (e.g., Shape Collage to Create a Snowman)

    - Igloos (Build a mini-igloo and child-size igloo)

    - Nature on a Snowy Day (Create a diorama)

    - Winter Sports (Design and create a hockey stick)


    Includes detailed plans for 5 days of activities. The activities are interdisciplinary, and we list the skills covered. Each day has a hands-on activity, a physical movement activity, and free play ideas. We also provide a book recommendation for read-alouds with discussion questions. Finally and most importantly, we provide inquiry questions for each activity. This stimulates your child's mind and engages them in  crtical thinking and reasoning, while having tons of fun!


    These engaging activities will have a lasting impact on your child! You will reinforce skills and advance learning, all through fun, play-based explorations!  Enjoy and play on!