Indigenous Cultural Traditions

Indigenous Cultural Traditions

  • 5 Daily Plans on the following topics:

    - Lakota (Sioux) Tribe - Star Patterns and Powwow Dance

    - Ojibwa (Chippewa) Tribe - Dreamcatchers and Nature Collage

    - Navajo Tribe - Fry Bread and Hoop & Pole Game

    - Cherokee (Aniyunwiya) Tribe - Gratitude Reflection and Stickball

    - Choctaw Tribe - Basket Weaving and Folktales


    Each daily plan offers a hands-on activity, physical movement activity, and guided free play recommendations.


    In addition, we provide book recommendations for read-alouds and discussion questions, as well as academic extensions. 


    These engaging activities will have a lasting impact on your child. You will reinforce skills and advance learning, all through fun, play-based explorations!  Enjoy and play on!