Roadmap for Kindergarten Science & Social Studies Skills

Updated: Apr 27

Do you feel overwhelmed by the time and effort it takes to research and interpret the science and social studies standards for kindergarten, and to find curriculum or activities that encompass these skills and concepts? Has this led you to mainly focus on math, reading, and writing for your kindergartner’s homeschooling experience? We at Thoughtful Play want to help!

Homeschooling Support

We are extremely passionate about supporting families in their homeschooling journeys, so they can feel confident and relaxed in their day. As former educators we are deeply familiar with how to analyze and unpack learning standards. We provide the information you need, without you having to spend hours searching and translating what it all means.

To support you in your journey, we’ve compiled a list of kindergarten science and social studies skills and concepts. We recognize each state has their own set of standards. We have looked across states and found the standards are so similar that it makes sense to provide a compiled list of science and social studies skills and concepts for kindergarten. Not only that, we also want to offer you activities that incorporate all of these, so that you can feel reassured that your child is getting exactly what they need!

Lesson Plans with Hands-On Activities

Our Thoughtful Play Interdisciplinary Explorations not only cover science and social studies, but also bring in art, music, physical education, multicultural learning, and social/emotional skills. In this way, we save you enormous amounts of time and instill a peace of mind knowing you are providing your child with a comprehensive kindergarten learning experience.

The great thing is that you can purchase these as stand-alone units. This way, if you are looking for help in covering particular skills and concepts, you can do so without purchasing an entire curriculum. Later in our blog we share the list of our interdisciplinary units and the corresponding skills and concepts.

Science & Social Studies Skills & Concepts

Below are the science and social studies skills and concepts that are central to kindergarten. We hope this helps you on your homeschooling journey. We want you to feel secure that you are providing your child an enriching and complete learning experience.

Kindergarten Science Skills & Concepts

*We relied heavily on the Next Generation Science Standards to develop this list (

Kindergarten Social Studies Skills & Concepts

Where Are These Skills Covered in the

Thoughtful Play Homeschooling Curriculum?