"This is how kindergarten should be."

-Shannon (Mom Using Thoughtful Play)
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Feel Confident Every Day as You Inspire a Love of Learning in Your Child 

Flexible, hands-on, secular curriculum that makes learning fun. Includes all subjects: math, reading, writing, language arts, science, & social studies - with a multicultural emphasis. Art, music, nature and outdoor activities are infused throughout the curriculum.

The Perfect Curriculum for Families Who...

Feel overwhelmed about piecing together a year of lessons that cover all subjects and skills.

Have an active child and need activities and lessons that can move with them.

Want to feel confident that their child is ready and prepared for

1st grade.

A Kindergarten Curriculum Designed for You:

Simple to implement with absolutely no planning - we do all the planning for you
Activities and games your child will love and will ask for again and again
Fits easily into your day and your life - can take it outside and on the go
All subjects planned out for you to save you time and money

Imagine having access to seasoned teachers, guiding you through the year, supporting you with what to teach, when to teach it, and how to teach it. 

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"My child loves not having to sit at a desk & do worksheets! Some of the activities we've repeated at their request!"

Annie (Mom of 1)

Learn more about what makes Thoughtful Play's Kindergarten Curriculum stand out!

Give me the details...

Open-and-go format in a PDF digital download
60-90 minutes of daily lessons, broken into short, easy to implement learning moments
Teach your child through fun hands-on activities & games
Minimal prep time - no more than 5-10 minutes each day
No special materials, workbooks, or kits to purchase
Created by expert educators with a Ph.D. & M.Ed. in education

Here's What's Covered:

All the Skills Your Child Needs, Planned Out For You


  • Number Sense 

  • Count Objects to 30

  • Count by 5's & 10's 

  • Writing Numbers 1 to 20

  • Sort & Compare Objects

  • Compare & Order Numbers

  • Addition up to 20

  • Subtraction up to 20

  • Place Value 

  • Shapes (2-D & 3-D)

  • Measure Length

  • Tell Time

  • Coin Names & Values

  • Math Read Aloud Book Suggestions

Reading-Writing-Language Arts

  • Letters & Sounds

  • Read CVC Words 

  • Rhymes

  • Syllables

  • Sight Words

  • Digraphs

  • Blends

  • Short Vowel Sounds

  • Long Vowel Sounds

  • R-Controlled Vowels

  • Reading Comprehension

  • Read Aloud Book Suggestions & Discussion Questions

  • Writing Process

Social Studies

Science &

  • Experiment with Force & Motion

  • Engineer Solutions to Problems

  • Weather and Climate

  • Living & Non-Living Things

  • Humans' Influence on the Earth

  • The Human Body

  • Outer Space, Planets & Stars

  • Be Responsible & Be Respectful

  • National Symbols 

  • Putting Events in Order

  • Learning Traditions Across Cultures

  • Using Maps & Globes

  • Jobs People Do/Goods & Services

  • Read Aloud Book Suggestions & Discussion Questions 

Feel like the "Teacher of the Year!" Show up each day relaxed, confident, and excited to learn and play alongside your child.

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Bonus Features 

(Time for your happy dance!)

Access to a private Facebook Group to ask questions and get support throughout the year!

Automatic enrollment in our self-paced online course "How to Teach Kindergarten at Home for Maximum Fun & Engagement"! ($80 value!) - coming soon

Free video session and PDF of "Laying the Foundation for Kindergarten Homeschooling" - coming soon

Questions & Answers

What should my child already know before beginning this currriculum?

Math: -Counts to 30 orally -Recognizes numbers up to 5 -Counts objects up to 10 -Uses strategies to help them count (lines them up, moves them as they count, touches objects as they count) -Understands that the last number they count in a set of objects tells them how many total are in the set (Cardinality) ELA: -Recognizes some of the letters of the alphabet -Can match some sounds to each of the letters in the alphabet -Identifies the front and back cover of a book and which way to hold it

Does this cover all the skills for Kindergarten? How will I know if my child has mastered all of the skills?

Yes, this curriculum covers all of the kindergarten skills that are generally identified by states. See our Ultimate Checklist for Kindergarten skills as a guide for the skills we are referring to. Thoughtful Play Kindergarten Curriculum covers not only the core subjects (Math, Reading & Writing, Science, & Social Studies), but also the skills for Art, Music, Physical Education, and Social/Emotional Skills. Throughout the curriculum there are performance assessments with checklists. You can use these in your portfolio to show your child’s mastery.

Are there workbooks? Do I need to print anything? How does it work?

There are no workbooks. We do provide templates to print for some of the activities to make your life easier. However, you can quickly create what is needed for each lesson simply using index cards or paper. You don’t have to print the lesson plans. You can easily pull them up on your computer or phone. The directions for each activity are short and clear.

What if I find some of the activities are too easy or too challenging for my child?

Throughout the curriculum there are recommendations for extending activities to make it more challenging and ways of adapting the activities to lessen the level of difficulty.

Can we do the lessons outside?

ABSOLUTELY! Virtually all of our activities can readily be taken outside. You may need to adapt the materials, such as using craft sticks to write words on, or using chalk to write on the driveway, but that’s it!

What is included in each daily lesson?

Each daily lesson consists of 3 short math activities or games (15-20 minutes total), 3 ELA activities or games (15-20 minutes total), and a hands-on science or social studies activity (20-30 minutes total) that fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In addition, there are everyday math and ELA ideas to use during daily activities like meals, driving in the car, cleaning up, etc. This helps reinforce the skills from the activities and games. There are read aloud suggestions each week for math and ELA, as well as a read aloud recommendation associated with the science or social studies activity. Along with the books, we provide discussion questions to advance your child's reading comprehension. What's more, art, music, and nature studies are incorporated throughout the hands-on science and social sstudies activities. In fact, some days, art or music takes center stage. You will also find academic extensions related to science and social studies to take the learning even further, if desired. Finally, there are physical movement suggestions and ways to extend the learning into free play!