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Kindergarten Science & Social Studies Curriculum

Side view of little kids pointing at glo


What skills are covered?

  • Being Responsible & Respectful

  • Learning Traditions Across Cultures

  • Using Maps & Globes

  • National Symbols (Flags, Anthems)

  • Putting Events in Order

  • Jobs People Do

  • Goods & Services


What skills are covered?

  • Experiment with Force & Motion

  • Engineer Solutions to Problems

  • Weather & Climate

  • Living & Non-Living Things

  • Human's Influence on the Earth

  • The Human Body

  • The Planets & Outer Space

Home Gardening

Thought-Provoking Explorations for Curious Kids:

Hands-on, inquiry-based approach to engage children in meaningful discoveries
Develop critical thinking skills and foster creative problem-solving 
Opportunities for artistic expression and the pursuit of curious questions
Multicultural emphasis in the activities and book recommendations 

"It was exciting to have hands-on activities that were engaging to incorporate into our homeschool day. This allowed us to have great content every day without having to spend time searching for creative science or social studies activities."
       - Markita (Mom of 5-year-old)

A Curriculum Designed Just For You:

No special materials, workbooks, or kits to purchase
Simple to implement with absolutely no planning - we do all the planning for you
Fits easily into your day and your life - can take it outside and on the go
An interdisciplinary approach to cover all the science and social studies standards
As a bonus, it includes all of the kindergarten art and music standards

This curriculum is created by seasoned teachers, guiding you through science and social studies explorations, laying out the details of what to teach, when to teach it, and how to teach it. The lessons offer meaningful activities with detailed instructions so that you can feel confident teaching all of the science and social studies standards for kindergarten.