Thoughtful Play

Fun Learning for Active Children

Who We Are
We're mothers who understand the stress and overwhelm that can come with homeschooling, as well as the joys! As former teachers, we've had tremendous success both teaching children and guiding teachers, but we also know there's some differences when it comes to teaching your own children. Through our studies and experiences we've developed a wealth of expertise in the field of education, and our goal is to share this with you! 

What We're All About:

Our passion is empowering families to feel successful in teaching their own children at home! The Thoughtful Play curriculum is designed with you, the parent, in mind. We aim to support you each step of the way. This includes detailed background information on the content, how to sequence and teach the skills and concepts through play, and how to overcome children's challenges in learning the content. In addition, we offer a private Facebook group for families using Thoughtful Play so that we're available to you for questions, and to offer tips and strategies! 

Why Play-Based?
When we look to the global education landscape, Finland stands out ranking #1 in the world for education. Can you guess what their kindergarten curriculum looks like?  It's PLAY!  A combination of purposeful, guided play and unstructured free play. This makes sense because children learn best when they are engaged in something they enjoy - they remember more and engage more readily. A play-based approach reduces resistance, fosters a more relaxed, joyful learning environment, which in turn instills a love of learning in children.


"What I love about Thoughtful Play is how easy it is to carry out. You know exactly what to do and when you are going to do it. It is very well laid out and there are not extra expenses because you use things you have around the house."


- Jen (Mom of 6- and 4-year-old)

Mother and Daughter Love

I love that Thoughtful Play explains why you are introducing material a certain way, what to pay attention to, and what to do if your kid is struggling or excelling. Your curriculum gave me confidence as a mom to homeschool.

-Maren (Mom of 6, 4, and 2 year-olds)

The Creators

Hollie Young, Ph.D.

Hollie Young

Mom of 2 (Ages 5 & 6)

I am deeply passionate about utilizing my background in curriculum & instruction to write lessons that are fun and engaging. I see in my own children the joy they experience with our play-based lessons. I'm eager to share with other families our high quality curriculum and support so they can see their children excel academically!

Katie Eichman, M.Ed.


Mom of 1 (Age 5)

There is little I enjoy more than reading aloud with children and seeing the joy as we discover new stories and characters. My background as an English teacher and school principal guides my approach to teaching and learning through play.

We are dedicated to making sure you feel confident and relaxed through your homeschooling day. So excited to be part of your journey!